Fun Chocolate for the Food Allergy Afflicted

Fun Chocolate for the Food Allergy Afflicted

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Fun Chocolate for the Food Allergy Afflicted


We predicted more allergy-free options in 2009, and we’re seeing it big this season. If you are looking for nut- and dairy-free chocolate bars, chocolate producer Divvies offers up two new bars for food allergy sufferers.

According to this company, there’s no need for food allergy sufferers to go without great chocolate for Valentine’s Day . . . or any other time. Creating chocolate in a dedicated facility, Divvies chocolate is free of trace amounts of peanuts, tree nuts, milk or eggs.

DIvvies launched two new gourmet candy bars: BingGo! Divvine Chocolate and BingGo! Benjamint Crunch, each of which are gluten-free and use certified allergen-free ingredients. The bars, like any chocolate, may seem hard to share, but Divvies has made divvying the treat easy. The bars are split into unequal halves: the bigger half is “mine” and the smaller half is “yours.”

The treats are packaged in bright, colorful wrappers and are clearly labeled for conscientious consumers.

The Benjamint bar is named after Divvies founders Mark and Lori Sandlers’ youngest son, Benjamin. Benjamin was born with severe food allergies. To give him a taste of the decadence of chocolate, Mark and Lori created Divvies.

Divvies also offers popcorn, cookies, cupcakes and more online. Note that Divvies do contain wheat, gluten, and soy flour from soy beans unless indicated otherwise.


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