Total Chocolate Sensory Experience. Available for a Price.

Total Chocolate Sensory Experience. Available for a Price.

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Total Chocolate Sensory Experience. Available for a Price.


By Cari Martens

Vosges Haut-Chocolat caters to the chocolate connoisseurs of the world with cacao-based confections that are out of this world—with flavor combinations that sound ridiculous but are said to be sublime by fans of the Chicago-based chocolatier.

Consider some of Vosges’ offerings.

Exotic Chocolate Bars. Flavor combinations include mushroom + organic dark chocolate; deep milk chocolate with crunchy plantains; and even one that combines milk chocolate with Applewood smoked bacon. Gift sets $25 – $37.

Yoga and Chocolate Mini Bar Gift Set. Includes seven mini candy bars (one for each chakra), along with chocolate chakra recipes and a guidebook written by yogi David Romanelli. $44.

Sensory Chocolate Collection. For $375 you receive 40 chocolate bars from 15 countries including Ecuador, Papua New Guinea, Trinidad, Java, Ghana, Madagascar, and Venezuela; 42 aroma vials with the essences of dried banana, cocoa butter, tobacco, earth, leather, charcoal, jasmine and many more; a chocolate guidebook that chronicles the history of chocolate; and a notebook ‘for your thoughts and inspirations.’

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Vosges Haut-Chocolat is the creation of Katrina Markoff, a thirty-something entrepreneur with a degree from Le Cordon Bleu, the world famous culinary school in Paris. After traveling the world for several months, she began experimenting with chocolate truffles, trying out a wide variety of spices and ingredients…dark chocolate with paprika, chocolate with ginger and wasabi topped with sesame seeds, and many other seemingly incongruous combinations. A decade later, Markoff counts her sales in the millions.

She opened her first Chicago shop in 1998, and now has another in the Windy City, plus locations in New York and Las Vegas. After 10+ years in the chocolate biz she still creates all the recipes herself, and launches at least four new products each year.

Funny thing is, this beautiful woman sure doesn’t look like she eats much of the chocolate.

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