Getting Divorced? Now That Takes the Cake

Getting Divorced? Now That Takes the Cake

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Getting Divorced? Now That Takes the Cake


By Cari Martens

Divorce can be painful. Divorce can be sad. Divorce can also represent a new beginning, and sometimes a cause for celebration.

Invite your friends, have some cake.

In fact, divorce cakes have become a cottage industry, or at least, for some wedding cake bakers, a new growth opportunity. It seems newly-single people are ready to party, right about the time the ink dries on the final divorce papers. The ‘divorce cake’ often takes its place as the centerpiece of the bash.

In most cases, the key divorce cake ingredient is humor. We’ve seen cakes depicting a wife desperately clinging to a cake tier while her husband kicks it away. Another has a wife atop a three-story cake plunging a knife into hubby’s back, complete with a pool of blood-red icing at his feet. Voilence is a common theme—but all in good fun.

British cake make Fay Millar told the Daily Mail she enjoys creating the funny divorce cakes. ‘I like to introduce humor rather than something too sober or vindictive so I use lots of figurines interacting with each other. Divorce can be a horrible thing but I would like to think comical divorce cakes can help lighten the mood a little.’

Elite Cake Creations is a cake maker in the USA that specializes in divorce cakes. Their cake designs are leavened with lots of humor as well.

The fact is, it’s much more fun to look at these comical cakes than it is to read about them. Many of them are flat-out hysterical. As long as you’re into comedy on the blacker side. That said, here are a few for your viewing pleasure.

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