Getting My Mustache On at the Got Milk? Mobile Tour

Getting My Mustache On at the Got Milk? Mobile Tour

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Getting My Mustache On at the Got Milk? Mobile Tour


The Milk Mustache Mobile Tour rolled into our town last weekend and I was able to do something I’ve never really been able to do in all my many years on this planet: sport a mustache.

Okay, it was a milk mustache, or more accurately, a milkshake mustache. But I must say, I looked pretty good with it. It nearly matched my hair color. But with a quick lick it was gone as quickly as it appeared. Oh, well.

Samples, swag and health assessments

The team from Got Milk? arrived bearing gifts. Free tee shirts, caps, tote bags, as well as chocolate and plain milk, vanilla milkshakes, and yogurt. !(border left)/files/0002/7239/GotMilk_58_medium.jpg!Plus, they offered free 5-minute chair massages and health assessments—and took nice quality photos of people like me sporting our milky mustaches.

Team leader, the lovely Jennifer Ferm (shown here with The Food Channel’s Christen Nehmer), completely charmed our Food Channel crew. Jennifer comes right out of central casting, totally looking the part of the perfect wholesome hostess sharing the wellness benefits of drinking milk.

A smart choice

Jennifer did an excellent job explaining the advantages—both nutritional and economical—of drinking milk vs. other popular choices such as sports drinks and soda. An 8-ounce glass only costs about 25¢ and contains nine essential vitamins and minerals, she explained. And of course milk is a wonderful source of calcium, something most of us need more of. You can view our interview of Jennifer with The Food Channel’s Christen Nehmer (just scroll down).

For more wellness tips and other information about milk and the got milk? campaign (which now claims more than 250 celebrity endorsers), you may visit the tour website. The latest celeb milk drinker is Olympic silver medalist Dara Torres. You can learn about Dara’s Muscle and Bone Workout here.

The Milk Mustache Mobile Tour is winding up its 6-month journey across America with just three more stops. We recommend you check it out, if they’re coming to your town.

Milkwaukee, August 6-11
Des Moines, August 15-17
Syracuse, August 26-30


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