Getting Your Vitamins from a Sprinkle of Spice? Sounds Pretty Nice.

Getting Your Vitamins from a Sprinkle of Spice? Sounds Pretty Nice.

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Getting Your Vitamins from a Sprinkle of Spice? Sounds Pretty Nice.


By Cari Martens

We’ve pretty much always known that we get vitamins and minerals from many of the foods we eat. But, depending on WHAT we eat, we may not be getting enough.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could get our daily recommended amount of vitamins from a slice of cinnamon toast?

That’s where Ed Bukstel comes in. Ed will show you how to get more vitamins from just about anything you eat. Bukstel’s the founder and CEO of VitaminSpice, and he’s developed a line of spice and vitamin blends in the form of seasonings that can be sprinkled on foods for a vitamin boost.

So far there are four multivitamin-fortified seasonings: crushed red pepper, ground black pepper, granulated garlic, and cinnamon. The price is about $8 for a 2.7 ounce bottle.

The products are all-natural and can be purchased on the company’s web site and a few grocery and health food stores. According to a story by John George in the “Philadelphia Business Journal”:^2196321, Bukstel’s firm is trying to make inroads with pizza parlors, public schools and other foodservice outlets.

Quoted in the story, Bukstel offers this explanation of his product idea: ‘Say your kids like to put some red pepper on their pizza. They throw a little bit of this (VitaminSpice crushed red pepper) on their pizza and they just had a multivitamin and didn’t even know it.’

The company’s proprietary process involves encapsulating vitamins in a coating to mask their flavor and prevent them from losing nutrients during the cooking process.

Bukstel hopes to introduce a chocolate sprinkle soon. Now that would really be cool: getting your daily dose of vitamins from a dish of ice cream topped with chocolate sprinkles. There’s a concept I can get behind!

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