Gum That Won't Stick to Sidewalks or Shoes

Gum That Won't Stick to Sidewalks or Shoes

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Gum That Won't Stick to Sidewalks or Shoes


By Cari Martens

Finally, a gum that won’t stick to the bottom of your shoe…or in your five year-old’s hair…or the sidewalk in front of your office. At least that’s the claim made by Chicza Rainforest Gum, which recently went on the market in Britain.

Not only does the gum not stick to stuff, it’s also biodegradable. It turns to dust within about six weeks of being discarded.

According to a story reported by Matthew Moore at, non-stickiness is what has people excited. It costs city governments millions of dollars to remove discarded gum from streets, sidewalks and parking lots. It’s a notoriously difficult process often involving chemicals and expensive equipment.

While many other chewing gums contain petrochemicals, Chicza Rainforest Gum is made from the sap of the chicle tree grown in Mexico. It’s produced by Consorcio Chiclero, a consortium of co-operatives employing 2,000 farmers according to the UK’s The Guardian.

Let’s hope this unsticky gum finds its way across the pond to American shores. Especially for those of us with five year-olds.

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