Hennessy/Hill Award Winners Announced at NRA Show 2009

Hennessy/Hill Award Winners Announced at NRA Show 2009

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Hennessy/Hill Award Winners Announced at NRA Show 2009


The National Restaurant Association (NRA) celebrated the winners of the United States Air Force’s John L. Hennessy Awards and United States Marine Corps’ Major Gen. W.P.T. Hill Awards.

The event was held at the second annual joint services breakfast during this year’s National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show®. The Hennessy and Hill Awards, sponsored by the Association, recognize the exemplary achievements of the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Marine Corps foodservice facilities worldwide.

“The National Restaurant Association is proud to continue its tradition of recognizing the elite in Air Force and Marine Corps foodservice,” said Dawn Sweeney, President and CEO of the National Restaurant Association. “The commitment of our servicemen and women at each of these facilities plays a critical role in Air Force and Marine operations. We thank them for their exemplary service to our nation and to our industry.’

U.S. Air Force Lt. General Richard Newton, Deputy Chief of Staff for Manpower and Personnel, served as this year’s keynote speaker at the breakfast.

The 2009 Hennessy Award winners are:

  • Hennessy Multiple Unit Base: Eglin AFB, Florida AF Material Command
  • Hennessy Single Unit Base: Kirtland AFB, New Mexico AF Material Command
  • Air National Guard Winner: 104th Fighter Wing, Services Flight Westfield, MA
  • A.F. Reserve Unit Winner: 919th Services Flight Duke Field, FL
  • USAFE Foodservice Small Site Award: 701 Munitions Support Squadron, Kleine Brogel, Belgium

The 2009 Hill Award winners are:

  • Best Military/Contractor Garrison Mess Hall: Mess Hall #1089, Anderson Hall MCB Kaneohe Bay, HI
  • Best Reserve Field Mess: HQSVC, 6th ESB, 4th MLG, Portland, OR
  • Best Full Food Service Contracted Garrison Mess Hall: Mess Hall #455, MCCSSS Camp Johnson, NC
  • Best Active Field Mess: MWSS 272, MWSG 27, 2nd MAW MCAS New River, NC

The 2009 Hennessy Travelers Association Award of Excellence winners are:

  • Multiple Facility Team Winner: SSgt Wendell Bowles, Eglin AFB, Florida
  • Single Facility Team Winner: A1C Ciara Horn, Tyndall AFB, Florida

Marine of the Year honors were awarded to:

  • Active Marine of the Year: Sgt. John A. Birt III, stationed at Marine Corps Air Station, New River, N.C.
  • Reserve Marine of the Year: Sgt. Ronny F. Kersey, stationed at 6th Engineer Support Battalion, Portland, Oregon.

Both the Air Force and Marine Corps appoint traveling teams that combine military and private sector expertise to evaluate domestic and international installations and recommend the winners of the coveted trophies.

A NRA Board Member serves on each of the four traveling teams. Each Air Force team also includes a representative from either the Society for Foodservice Management Board or the International Food Service Executives Association. Foodservice units for the Air Force Reserves, the Air National Guard, and small sites in Europe (USAFE) are evaluated separately through their headquarters but are also honored for their achievements during the program.


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