In Case of Pizza Emergency

In Case of Pizza Emergency

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In Case of Pizza Emergency


By Cari Martens

Remember the White House Red Phone? Back during the Cold War days it was said to be the direct emergency hotline between the Kremlin and the White House. Then last year it was depicted ringing at 3 a.m. in a TV commercial for Hilary Clinton during the presidential campaign.

Now comes a red phone with a higher purpose. Introducing: the Pizza Phone.

For just $177 you can have a phone that automatically dials your favorite pizzeria the moment you pick up the handset. According to its marketers, the Pizza Phone offers the following features.

â‹… Easy to program the pizzeria of your choice with 32 digit capacity (in case you’re ordering one from Italy or Egypt or something)

â‹… There’s no dial. Because no pesky dialing is necessary with the Pizza Phone

â‹… Works with ordinary analog phone line, or VoIP, or cable TV phone service

â‹… Comes with 6-ft. coiled cord

â‹… Easily mounts on standard wall phone jack

This is not a pizza prank. We discovered the Pizza Phone at You can order one from

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