LIVE! from Minneapolis, It's the Kitchen at D'Amico!

LIVE! from Minneapolis, It's the Kitchen at D'Amico!

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LIVE! from Minneapolis, It's the Kitchen at D'Amico!


By Cari Martens

One of the most popular settings for reality TV shows in recent years has been the restaurant kitchen. It seems America can’t get enough of the flamboyant chefs, the angry chefs, the funny chefs, the would-be chefs.

But very few of these shows, if any, come to you LIVE. Until now. A new marketing campaign for Minneapolis-based restaurant, D’Amico Kitchen Osteria and Bar, has begun doing just that. Each evening from 7:30 to 10:00 p.m. CST you can tune in to the restaurant’s web site, to indulge your ‘culinary voyeurism’ and view a live feed from the eatery’s lively kitchen.

Web cams are set up around the kitchen to catch all the action—no microphones, though, to pick up the noise or occasional swear word—the webcast is blissfully silent. The same live feed is projected into Eden, a courtyard bar and dining area at the Chambers Hotel, where this ‘glimpse behind the curtain, can be seen by drivers and pedestrians on a busy downtown Minneapolis street.

As reported by Stuart Elliott in The New York Times, the campaign is the brainchild of the restaurant’s ad agency, Brew Creative, in Minneapolis. There are also billboards and print ads promoting the nightly webcast. The effort is meant to attract a younger audience.

The presence of web cams may have ‘freaked out’ the kitchen staff at first, but they’ve pretty much forgotten about them at this point, Brew Creative’s Bruce Bildsten told Elliott. Although occasionally ‘someone will hold up a sign to the camera that says something funny or what dish they’re preparing,’ he adds.

I wonder if any of the guests bring in their smart phones or computer netbooks to watch their meal being prepared. Now that could be interesting. Imaging the waiter saying, ‘Your dinner’s almost ready,’ and you respond, ‘I know, and it looks delicious.’

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