Making Fried Chicken Chic Again In NYC

Making Fried Chicken Chic Again In NYC

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Making Fried Chicken Chic Again In NYC


By Cari Martens

It seems fried chicken, out of fashion for many years, is making a comeback—in New York City, of all places. Fried chicken used to be an American staple right up there with motherhood and apple pie until the health experts finally got their message through to us a few years back that we really shouldn’t eat it unless we intentionally wanted to clog our arteries. Heck, even Kentucky Fried Chicken changed its name to KFC, and lately has been touting its grilled chicken.

Now a quartet of New York City restaurants are attempting to make fried chicken chic again, starting with superstar chef David Chang of Momofuku Noodle Bar and Momofuku Ko fame, who is turning heads with his brand-new $100 reservations-only chicken dinner.

The Blue Ribbon Brasserie has won lots of awards for its fried chicken. Speaking of himself and the other two owners, co-owner Kris Polak told Rachel Wharton of the New York Daily News, ‘We’re just a bunch of Jewish boys from New York, but we’re also French-trained chefs. We were just trying to make a fried chicken that was really cool.’ They batter their birds in egg whites and flour spiked with matzo meal, then dust the birds just out of the fryer with a blend of seasonings—salt, pepper, paprika and herbs—that they dry and grind themselves. It’s served with mashed potatoes and collard greens and sells for $21.

Jared Greenhouse and Oleg Voss, former students at the French Culinary Institute, opened a schnitzel truck business in New York this summer. They park their Schnitzel & Things truck all around the city, serving up giant slabs of chicken that have been pounded thin, breaded and deep fried. ‘It’s not traditional fried chicken,’ says Voss, ‘but it is great fried chicken nonetheless.’ A platter with such sides as sauerkraut with lemon-caper sauce costs about $9. For truck locations, customers can follow their Twitter feed at

The underground Koreatown restaurant, K-Town Chicken and Hof, serves chicken three ways: southern style, drenched in a sweet red sauce, or a spicy red sauce. The Modumyang special offers a truly generous portion of all three with pickled Daikon radishes and lettuce salad for around $21.

Looks like fried chicken may be getting big again in the Big Apple.

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