Marshmallows Getting Fancy in Canada

Marshmallows Getting Fancy in Canada

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Marshmallows Getting Fancy in Canada


By Cari Martens

The sweet and tasty marshmallow has gone from humble to haute.

Yes, that puffy confection we loved as kids—stuck to a stick and browning over an open fire…or floating in a mug of hot chocolate…or smushed between graham crackers for s’mores—well, they have started to get pretty fancy all of a sudden.

Writing for Toronto’s Globe and Mail, Simone Abrahamsohn reports that up north in Canada, especially, upscale bakeries and gourmet chocolate shops are doing big business in handmade ‘haute’ versions – artisanal, vegan, whimsically flavored – of the humble snack. These more ‘adult’ varieties are showing up at dinner parties and the like.

At Butter Baked Goods in Vancouver, you can find homemade marshmallows in regular and oversize in flavors such as pumpkin, mint, coffee and toasted coconut (which is their best seller). They also make homemade s’mores. According to the Globe and Mail article, no chemicals are used. Just sugar, corn syrup, water and gelatin.

In Toronto, a patisserie called Nadege offers marshmallows in flavors including violet, gin & tonic, poppy, coffee, and banana. Abrahamsohn’s quick taste review claims they taste like a solid mousse dessert with a ‘soft, almost foamy texture.’ At Panacea, Toronto’s first all-vegan store, marshmallows are gelatin-free. ‘It’s a treat that vegans don’t have to skip any more,’ says owner Ken Bontius.

Suite 88 Chocolatier in Montreal sells marshmallows on a stick, dipped in milk or dark chocolate and crushed graham crackers for a nostalgic s’mores-like experience.

Mmmm. I say, let’s get this trend going down here in the States! Seems Canada’s ahead of us on this one. Can’t have that, can we?

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