Multi-Steamer Makes Timing Easier

Multi-Steamer Makes Timing Easier

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Multi-Steamer Makes Timing Easier


By Cari Martens

Most experts agree one of the healthiest cooking methods available is steam cooking. And one of the hardest things to do in meal preparation is timing the meal components so that they’ll all be hot and ready to eat at the same time.

We found a new cooking device that lets you steam cook up to three different food items—fish, meat, vegetables—simultaneously, and have all of them ready to serve at the same time with a mere push of a button.

Featured on the U.K. website, this intelligent steamer has three separate steam containers, three individual heating elements, and an electronically controlled auto cook system.

The device automatically starts with the food item requiring the longest cooking time and switches on the other steam containers at the appropriate time intervals. Once all the food is cooked, an alarm goes off and the keep-warm function is activated—with automatic shut-off after 40 minutes.

You can cook without the need for oil; steam cooked foods retain more vitamins and minerals, as well as more of the food’s natural flavor.

Although it’s easy to get your kitchen counter space cluttered up with a variety of cooking gadgets, this one might be worth a look. The cost: about $135. This is a British-made product, so make sure you order one that will work with the electric outlets in your home.

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