Need a Little Help? Try the Kraft Recipe Assistant

Need a Little Help? Try the Kraft Recipe Assistant

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Need a Little Help? Try the Kraft Recipe Assistant


There’s something fun about a new recipe – especially one that says, “Crumple four large sheets of foil to make four balls.” That tip alone, meant to help form a tortilla bowl for taco salad, made me smile as I brushed olive oil on the tortillas and used toothpicks to ensure that the drape was properly shaped. What made it even more fun was that I found this recipe for Taco Salad Made Over through the new Kraft Recipe Assistant. It means that I can now tap into a resource for everyday food on a regular basis.

There are a growing number of mobile and online recipe sources, but when it comes to menu ideas for the working mom’s kitchen, Kraft is high on the list. That’s why they are one of The Food Channel’s recipe partners – you can find many of their recipes on our site, and through our recipe widget.

As tech applications grow, foodies have their choice of new widgets, iPhone downloads, and software. The people who developed the new Kraft Recipe Assistant have obviously been listening to the homemaker, because this tool offers answers to some of our daily questions. What shall I have for dinner? What was I supposed to pick up at the store? Can I have that recipe?

The not-knowing-what-to-make-for-dinner . . . that’s me on a regular basis. After working in a kitchen all day (albeit at my computer rather than at the stove), it’s hard to think about what might taste good or what I can do at home that will be quick and easy. The old standbys get old, and the thought of stopping at the store when it’s already late . . . well, you know the feeling. With these recipes, however, many of the ingredients are staples in my kitchen, and give me new ways of putting it all together.

The taco salad, for example, is something I often order out but never think of for home cooking. This recipe broke it down into easy parts, with ingredients I had at home or could easily pick up (a little fresh ground beef, a head of lettuce and a tomato were all I needed). It was easy to make, and I was surprised at how easy it was to replicate a restaurant order.

You can search and view Kraft’s recipe database remotely, and share the widget with any friend who visits your social networking page. You can also access your personal Recipe Box, and keep all your favorite recipes in one spot—whether they’re from the Kraft Kitchens, or your family’s kitchen, or even from The Food Channel. Use it to organize, print, and rate recipes, create shopping lists, and more.

Any of you who simply like to peruse and print recipes when you run out of ideas, don’t let this intimidate you – you may find this opens up a new world. And, for those of you who enhance your cooking with the latest in tech applications, jump in at any point. In fact, give it a try below, and add it to your Facebook or other social networking pages. It’s all yours!


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