Need Flapjacks Fast? Let the Machine Do It.

Need Flapjacks Fast? Let the Machine Do It.

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Need Flapjacks Fast? Let the Machine Do It.


By Cari Martens

The latest, coolest kitchen gadget we’ve come across in a while is the Chefstack Automatic Pancake Machine. It spits out 4-inch flapjacks at about the rate of 30 seconds each and stacks ’em up neatly for you, assembly line style.

Using no-mess pancake batter pouches (also made by Chefstack), you can let the machine do the work while you heat up the syrup or fry the eggs.

The Chefstack machine is about the same size as a microwave oven and has been a huge hit in Australia and New Zealand. It made its North American debut this summer.

The Chefstack company was formed earlier this year by R.J. Selfridge, a thirty year food executive with ten years as head of operations at Tully’s Coffee. ‘Markets such as Australia and other Far East locations have been proving the ChefStack profit model for the last three years,’ said Selfridge. ‘The machine has performed successfully in many convenience stores, coffee shops, hotels, and airline lounges— including Marriott Hotels and Qantas Airlines airport lounges. We expect the same or greater profit potential for our partners here in the United States where pancakes are even more popular,’ he said.

At a cost of around $3,500 each, the unit’s a bit pricey for home use…but, hey, a girl can dream, right?

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