New Twitter Trend: Tiny Recipes, Top Chefs

New Twitter Trend: Tiny Recipes, Top Chefs

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New Twitter Trend: Tiny Recipes, Top Chefs


By Cari Martens

Twitter users have become adept at creating short messages. It’s surprising how much can be communicated in 140 characters.

Comedic monologues and jokes, driving directions, messages of love and devotion have been squeezed into the limited space allowed for a Twitter posting.

You can even get ‘tweet’ suggestions on food or recipe links from celebrity chefs if you’re a follower of Gordon Ramsay (‘Hell’s Kitchen’) or Jamie Oliver (‘The Naked Chef’).

As reported by Ruth Jamieson and Morwenna Ferrier in The Observer, you can now find compressed instructions for an entire meal into the teensy Twitter space. It appears to be a growing trend to create shorthand ‘micro-recipes’ that include a starter, main course and dessert—all in one 140-character Tweet.

Here’s a Twitter recipe from Maureen Evans ( cited in The Observer story: ‘Stout Ice Cream: heat to boil 2/3c stout/2T molasses; cool. Beat 4yolk/6T sug; +c milk&cream/stout. Freeze/mix frequently~5h or use machine.” Wow. You can cram a lot of info into 140 characters if you’re good with shorthand.

These Tweet recipes tend to be simple, with few ingredients, but can be quite tasty. The Observer writers note that New York Times food writer Mark Bittman has endorsed the ideas of the micro-recipe in his column, The Minimalist. Of course, he twitters, too, and can be found at

Of course, you can follow The Food Channel on twitter, too. But we still like to provide our readers with full-length recipes.

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