NYC McDonald's Gets a Euro-Style Makeover

NYC McDonald's Gets a Euro-Style Makeover

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NYC McDonald's Gets a Euro-Style Makeover


By Cari Martens

Imagine a hip café in the chic Chelsea area of New York City, with a clientele of businessmen and women, tapping away on their laptops amid sleek, modern décor. Now imagine that an integral part of the décor are the golden arches of McDonald’s.

Photo: Bebeto Matthews

Yep, there’s actually a McDonald’s exactly like that, and it’s the first of its kind in the U.S. The restaurant underwent a complete makeover this fall, bringing in modern Danish furniture, flat-screen TVs and plugs-ins for the free Wi-Fi.

The staff is even attired in all-black uniforms that suggest a hip bistro. You almost feel the need to leave a tip. Almost. It’s become more like a hipster lounge, less like a burger chain.

There are thousands of McDonald’s restaurants like this in France and the UK, but none others like it in America, so far. McDonald’s Corp. spokeswoman Danya Proud told the AP that the chain will ‘continue to evaluate’ the urban redesign and decide whether more like it might follow. Proud said the redesign was done ‘to give our customers a reason to make McDonald’s a destination.’

The food? No redesign there. It remains classic McDonald’s fare.

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