Raves & Faves Goes to Los Angeles

Raves & Faves Goes to Los Angeles

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Raves & Faves Goes to Los Angeles


The Food Channel® is in Los Angeles this week, visiting local restaurants that will be highlighted as part of its new Raves & Faves program, a collection of interactive, searchable restaurant profiles found at iRaves.com.

Crews will be visiting prearranged locations as well as stopping in at other local spots along the way, capturing the diversity of Los Angeles dining from ethnic cuisine, fresh seafood and southern California fare to delis, coffee shops and music venues.

‘We’ve spent the year watching consumers trend toward eating more at home,’ said Kay Logsdon, editor of The Food Channel. ‘This was a movement we identified more than a year ago, and the logical next question is: ‘What is this doing to the restaurant business?’ So, we decided it was time to help the industry.’

As a result, The Food Channel has partnered with U.S. Foodservice to bring the Raves & Faves tour to Los Angeles, producing multimedia feature profiles on a selection of southern California’s most interesting restaurants, including: Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que, Spaghettini Italian Grill and Jazz Club, Katella Deli, Jerry’s Famous Deli, Rutabegorz, Versailles Cuban, Watermarc Restaurant, Louise’s Trattoria, Arroyo Chop House, El Cholo, Bluewater Grill and more.

‘Our crew will come in to capture video, photography, and interviews with the restaurant operator, chef and loyal patrons for posting to iRaves.com,’ said Logsdon. ‘Site users will be able to get more in-depth information in a highly visual and interactive format, so they can make an informed restaurant choice, complete with incentives direct from the restaurants. It’s a great place to learn about local dining whether you live in Los Angeles or plan to visit.’

Raves & Faves/L.A. Day 1 – Food That Sticks to You

Raves & Faves/L.A. Day 2 – Passion, Pride and Pleasure

Raves & Faves/L.A. Day 3 – Getting to Know You

Raves & Faves/L.A. Day 4 – Like Grandma & Grandpa Used to Make

Raves & Faves/L.A. Day 5 – Try It. You’ll Like It

Raves & Faves/L.A. Day 6 – Simple Pleasures, Quality Ingredients

Raves & Faves/L.A. Day 7 – Meet Me in the Middle

The Food Channel kicked off the Raves & Faves program with an appearance at the Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo in August, in conjunction with the California Restaurant Association, followed by a November market visit to Las Vegas. Future destinations are currently under review by The Food Channel crew. The iRaves.com beta site went live on Nov. 15, with a national Raves & Faves program launch planned for early 2010. With the national launch, consumers will be able to ‘rave’ about their own favorite restaurants by submitting information and interacting on iRaves.com.

‘We are extremely excited to support The Food Channel in bringing this new program to life, and couldn’t be more proud that a selection of Los Angeles restaurants will be among the first to receive interactive Raves & Faves profiles. From north LA to Laguna Beach, there is such an abundance of truly great dining options in this area—the only challenge will be choosing where to visit,’ said Chef Trevor Cook, U.S. Foodservice Los Angeles. ‘This program is one of many ways we are delivering on the U.S. Foodservice pledge to our customers to be Your Partner Beyond the Plate®.’

As part of its week in the city of angels, The Food Channel will also document a day in the life of Los Angeles food, using Food Channel cultural correspondent Andy Ford, chief insights officer for Noble. ‘If you’ve ever wondered how people eat around the clock in different locations throughout the country, this is where you’ll find out,’ said Logsdon. ‘We expect this feature, called ‘Clockless in LA,’ to give a perspective on Los Angeles and its food like you’ve never seen before!’

For a preview of The Food Channel’s adventures in Los Angeles, read Logsdon’s daily editor blogs from the Las Vegas market visit here.

To keep up with The Food Channel crew as they take on Los Angeles, follow on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/foodchannel or Facebook.



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