"Olive Oil Cuisine" On the Rise

"Olive Oil Cuisine" On the Rise

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"Olive Oil Cuisine" On the Rise


By Cari Martens

The year 2010 may be the year olive oil moves from sideshow to center stage. That’s the word from David Cánovas Williams, writing for Spain Gourmetour magazine. He writes that recent technical advances coupled with the inventiveness of a group of young Spanish chefs have resulted in exciting new olive oil creations that will soon be tempting our tastebuds.

According to Williams, olive oil will move from being ‘the guest of honor in salads, fried foods and cooked dishes,’ to become ‘the star ingredient,’ and it is ‘preparing to steal the show in the 21st century.’

Intriguing new textures will capture our fancy in these culinary creations, which include things such as extra virgin olive oil sorbet. Another is olive oil semolina, which Chef Dani García makes by spraying olive oil over a gas at -319€F. It yields tiny golden pearls of pure virgin olive that, Williams says, ‘doesn’t leave a single trace of fat on the palate.’

Another Spanish chef, Paco Roncero has created the extra virgin olive oil gum drop, made with a sugar syrup and gelatin. More recently, Roncero has developed an olive oil butter.

There are now many restaurants that offer trolleys of extra virgin olive oil for tasting by way of aperitif, and themed menus based on extra virgin olive oil have become ‘the in thing,’ says David Cánovas Williams.

Look for ‘Olive Oil Cuisine’ to take a more prominent place on the table in the years ahead.

You can read the complete article at www.worldsofflavorspain.com.

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