Restaurant Staff Works for Free to Help Boss

Restaurant Staff Works for Free to Help Boss

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Restaurant Staff Works for Free to Help Boss


By Cari Martens

Denny’s made big news recently by giving away free breakfasts at its restaurants nationwide. About a week earlier, a little restaurant in Muskegon, Mich., made news when its entire crew worked for free.

p(left caption). Photo by Cory Morse/Chronicle

As reported by the Michigan Chronicle website, the staff at Mr. B’s Pancake House put in a Sunday shift without pay—working only for tips—as a way to help owner Dave Barham make it through these tough economic times. Their efforts saved the owner about $700 in wages, according to the story by Susan Harrison Wolffis.

Lead server Mary VanDam (pictured, right) came up with the idea, and convinced fellow employees to join in the show of good faith. The restaurant’s customers got in the spirit, too, offering especially generous tips. The entire staff split the tips equally and ended the day with more than $50 each.

Who says there’s no good news to be found in this bad economy?

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