Please Pass the Sanitizer

Please Pass the Sanitizer

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Please Pass the Sanitizer


By Cari Martens

Patrons of the Oasis Restaurant can now clean their hands as they rub them together in anticipation of a tasty meal.

That’s because the Fort Myers, FL, restaurant now puts a little container of hand sanitizing gel on every table, sharing space with the salt, pepper, and sweetener packets. In these days of swine flu (excuse me, “H1N1”) scares and general germ paranoia, diners say they appreciate the hygienic gesture.

In a story by Melanie Payne in the Fort Myers News-Press, Oasis owner Bonnie Grunberg says that she’s ‘never been thanked so much,’ especially by her women patrons, since she put the dispensers on the tables. Also quoted in the article is Mike Donohue, a spokesman for the National Restaurant Association. He says he doesn’t know of other restaurants providing the sanitizers, but he’s not surprised. ‘If this is something customers use, let’s make it convenient for them,’ Donohue commented.

Seems like a great idea. I know a woman who always carries a little squeeze bottle of antibacterial gel in her purse, and uses it in places like restaurants or movie theaters before diving into the popcorn.

Expect to see this emerging trend continue, especially when the flu season gets revved up again.

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