Social Networking from the NRA Show Floor

Social Networking from the NRA Show Floor

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Social Networking from the NRA Show Floor


Food professionals and enthusiasts will all have an opportunity to follow the news during the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show, May 16-19 in Chicago. A new ‘Pro’ tab on is joining with its affiliate site,, to provide the latest information about events, new products, and the behind-the-scenes people who work in the food industry.

The two sites will report daily on events from the Show floor, provide video and interviews, and blog commentary from food experts. In addition to running stories and videos, FohBoh™ will serve as a discussion site for food professionals who stay up on the latest trends and information within a social community devoted to the restaurant industry.

The Food Channel® and FohBoh actually began their affiliation following the 2008 NRA Show. ‘We saw immediately that there were ways we could work together to bring a complete package of food knowledge and community to both consumers and food professionals,’ says Michael Atkinson, CEO of FohBoh. ‘Over the past year we have worked to strengthen both our relationship and the opportunities that we can present to the food community.’

The Food Channel site provides consumer news, trends and recipes. With the addition of the ‘Pro’ tab, the site will provide a new focus on industry news, trends for the food service industry, and both recipe concepts and restaurant recipes. ‘The hard distinction between those who make their living in food, and those who live for food, is blurred,’ says Kay Logsdon, The Food Channel’s Senior Editor. ‘The Internet and the proliferation of food blogs give us plenty of space to talk. We’re stepping up the ability to find new topics to talk about.’

The Food Channel has a 20-year history of working within the food service business and launched its consumer site in January 2008. At the same time, FohBoh launched its social networking site for restaurateurs. The continuing goal is to deliver the voice of both the industry and the consumer. ‘At the end of the day,’ explains The Food Channel CEO Bob Noble, ‘everyone is a consumer. We give them one consistent arena to find the best in food knowledge.’

Additional coverage during the NRA Show includes a ‘Pro’ widget (available for download) that will regularly feed stories from the ‘Pro’ tab on to any food organization or media outlet that wants to originate information from their site. The widget can be downloaded here.


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