Solving the Pizza Dilemma

Solving the Pizza Dilemma

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Solving the Pizza Dilemma


By Cari Martens

Just about everybody loves pizza. So when you get a big group together and need to order food for the crowd, the cheesy pie is always a popular choice.

But different people like different toppings. Kids like pepperoni, guys like sausage—well, just about any kind of meat—while the more health-conscious women in the gathering tend to prefer veggie toppings.

Ordering pizza that pleases all can get downright complicated. It is for this dilemma that the Pizza Calculator was born. This new application for the iPhone or iPod Touch enables you to calculate how much pizza to order… and with which toppings.

It works thusly, according to the makers of The Pizza Calculator:

â‹… You select from over 30 items and specialty pizzas for your portion of the pizza

â‹… Add another person and repeat until you have included everyone

⋅ Click on ‘Calculate’

â‹… Select how much each person in going to eat

â‹… The Pizza Calculator optimizes the ingredients, so you get the right amount of pizza, and satisfy everyone’s hunger and taste preferences

The cost? About two bucks.

Imagine you’re at a business meeting and as lunchtime looms, the discussion becomes heated as to what to order. You rise from your chair holding your iPhone aloft and seize the moment.

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