Starbucks VIA an Instant Attention Getter

Starbucks VIA an Instant Attention Getter

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Starbucks VIA an Instant Attention Getter


We live in an anytime, anywhere world. Emerging nations aside, we can talk over the phone pretty much anytime, anywhere. We can order food anytime, anywhere. We’ve created a world in which our demands are met with instant gratification.

Who knew Starbucks® was watching. Turns out, they’ve taken our need for anytime, anywhere and turned it into a new product (not to mention a new ad campaign). And, The Food Channel was in Chicago for its Day One Debut.

Apron-clad young people were out in force and we caught up with a crew at the Merchandise Mart downtown, busily handing out free samples of Viaâ„¢, a “ready brew” coffee offered in Italian Roast and Columbia Roast.

“Just mix with eight ounces of water, hot or cold,” was heard as often as, “It’s our new anytime, anywhere product.” As for the people walking by, only a few kept on walking, while most were intrigued with the idea of a new Starbucks coffee – not to mention the free samples of hot coffee along with packs of the new instant granules.

Starbucks claims it has a “proprietary, all-natural process” for Via – to use their words: “We microgrind the coffee in a way that preserves all of their essential oils and flavor. No other coffee company takes this step, and it makes all the difference.”

While the full story is yet to be told, we overheard comments such as, “I would never have known this was instant,” and even an, “I’m shocked that this is good!”

Our own team agreed that it was surprisingly good, and began brainstorming some of the anytime, anywhere uses (everything from a camping trip to an impress-your-date-with-your-kitchen-skills night to an off the grid adventure trip).

So, grab some Via and hit the road. Maybe you’ll catch up with us at the next product debut.

Editor’s Note: Starbucks is Twittering in Chicago in order to get reactions. Read what people are saying by following their Twitter feed or by checking out the link on Facebook.

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