The Bali Cookbook

The Bali Cookbook

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The Bali Cookbook


While Bali has been a popular tourist attraction for years, its cuisine has been less publicized. Written by a Bali native, The Bali Cookbook is the first Balinese inspired guide to authentic Bali cuisine. The breathtaking imagery and vibrant colors throughout this book entice readers to try the unique flavors found in many of the recipes.

Rice and vegetables are an essential aspect of Balinese culinary traditions, making many of the dishes vegetarian friendly. With over 100 appetizing recipes, chef Lonny Gerungan provides a tantalizing description of the dish so cooks can get a sense of the historical or personal significance of each recipe.

Not only does this cookbook give you the chance to experience Balinese culture through stunning photos and stories, but it also gives you the chance to explore the exotic cuisine that it offers.



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