The Straw That Broke...the Carton's Back

The Straw That Broke...the Carton's Back

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The Straw That Broke...the Carton's Back


By Cari Martens

Behold the power of the consumer. When a brand we hold dearly makes a drastic change we don’t like, look out.

We all remember New Coke, of course. It quickly became Discontinued Coke.

The latest example of ‘What Were You Thinking? Marketing’ was the redesigned carton for Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice. Instead of the brilliant and iconic straw-stuck-through-a-fresh-orange image consumers had come to know and love, the brand decided to switch to (yawn) a picture of a glass of O.J.

‘How could you?’ the people cried. ‘This is the last straw…’ they bellowed. People said it looked like a generic product or store brand. Ouch. There arose such a furor that the folks at Tropicana quickly announced that the brand was bowing to the negative response and would revert to the old packaging asap. Sorry about that. Just forget it ever happened.

So, if you don’t think your voice matters…stop thinking that. In this economy, manufacturers want to do everything they can to please you, the all-powerful consumer.

Now, more than ever, power to the people.

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