The Road to More Loyal Patrons Starts with Patronpath®

The Road to More Loyal Patrons Starts with Patronpath®

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The Road to More Loyal Patrons Starts with Patronpath®


No one has to tell you how the world is changing, and how your patrons are changing with it. You see it every day. Patrons have less time and more options. The economy is squeezing their dining-in dollars into dimes. And, with all the competition and less money to spend, naturally they are becoming more demanding. They are increasingly turning to quick and convenient takeout options to meet their needs, and you can give it to them.

Patronpath solutions lead to more loyal patrons and help attract new ones.
Patronpath internet marketing solutions build stronger bonds between you and your patrons. Relationship-building tools like Patron Online Ordering, Mobile (Text) Marketing, Email Marketing, and Website development and hosting, help you nurture strong ties and help you get to know your patrons while serving them better. The result, loyal customers and more efficient and profitable transactions.

Patronpath offers a comprehensive suite of innovative e-commerce tools—all designed to help you not only stay competitive, but also get ahead of the competition.

Online ordering and web development—Patronpath is programmed for success.
If you’re not online with an up-to-date and interactive website, you’re losing business every day. It’s that simple. Restaurants are the #1 local search category in every market. 48% of Americans between the ages of 18-44 go to a restaurant’s website prior to patronizing that restaurant. They naturally turn to online ordering for takeout and expect you to be current with technology. Patronpath can quickly and easily help you build a website that effectively ‘tells your story’ while also setting up online ordering for takeout.

Patronpath offers 100% customization and unlimited pages for your website.
You’ll be able to show people what you offer and give a real taste of the experience they can expect. You can manage content, add text, change photos, and keep the site fresh and appetizing. Google Maps give your customers a proven way to find your place for either a dine-in occasion or take-out trip.

Online ordering increases your guest check 25-30% while increasing operational efficiencies.
Patronpath online ordering will increase your check averages 25-30% by upselling as each entrée is ordered online. On your end, you’ll be able to manage your menu and orders with ease. Patrons can order exactly what they want for takeout or check out your menu before they come in. You’ll even be able to offer and manage online coupons . This allows you to promote different menu items at different times and will give you amazing flexibility. Internet Marketing is a must in today’s new market, and Patronpath equips you with all the latest tools.

Patronpath Email Marketing allows you to reach your customers frequently and with the right messages. Even before they know they’re hungry, your name pops up and reminds them to think of you first.

Patronpath Mobile (Text) Marketing is a great way to instantly reach people and get a quick response through text messaging. It’s the contemporary way to increase traffic and a great way to send special offers.

Patronpath Search Engine Marketing puts your name in front of people at the exact time they are looking for a place to eat. It’s a powerful way to drive traffic, and it works. It’s one of the most effective new tools in the market.

Take your first step with Patronpath. Get on the right track for more take-out sales and a more secure future. Now. Contact Patronpath @ or call them at 1-866-900-6368.


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