"Toast" Butters You Up with its Warm Design

"Toast" Butters You Up with its Warm Design

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"Toast" Butters You Up with its Warm Design


By Cari Martens

Photos by Rien van Rijthoven

‘Toast,’ a new restaurant in Navato, Calif., north of San Francisco, practically envelops its customers in a massive loaf of bread.

The eatery serves comfort food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but, as the name of the place implies, Toast is all about the bread, and the décor of the place doesn’t let you forget it.

Once inside Toast, you’re surrounded by a lighter shade of brown particleboard that’s perforated by a multitude of random-shaped holes—kind of like homemade bread…lightly toasted. Everywhere. And it’s pretty cool-looking.

As described by Nico Saieh writing for the architectural website Arch Daily, all of Toast’s surfaces—the walls, ceilings, and furniture—‘are wrapped in this bubbling, bread-like material.’ ‘The image,’ says Saieh, ‘is homey, warm as toast, sparkling as champagne.’

Designed by renowned architect Stanley Saitowitz, Toast features a brick pizza oven, an extensive beer and wine selection, espresso bar, fireplace and outdoor seating.

In these tough economic times, restaurateurs are looking for any edge they can come up with. Toast, it seems, is putting a lot of its chips on décor and atmosphere. But, of course, the food’s got to be good, too. Because if it’s not, Toast will soon be…toast.

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