Top Ten Etiquette Tips When Dining Out With Mom

Top Ten Etiquette Tips When Dining Out With Mom

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Top Ten Etiquette Tips When Dining Out With Mom


Are you taking Mom out for a meal on Mother’s Day, or sometime during the weekend? If so, you might want to mind your manners. Our friends at share their top etiquette tips so that you don’t embarrass your mother in front of the restaurant staff!

Cary Chessick, president and CEO of, says, ‘To compile the list, I turned to some of my dedicated staffers who also have the full time job of being a mom. I asked, ‘What table manners should your children remember this holiday?’ And did I get some feedback!’

1. Chew it, Don’t Spew it

‘Sometimes my kids have so much to say and although I love hearing their stories, I don’t like seeing their food. Chew. Swallow. Then, speak. In that order, please.’ ~ Diane Dexl, customer support

2. Pocket the Mobile Devices

‘There is nothing ruder than when my kids text and use their cell phones at the dinner table. Put your phone away, forget about texting your ‘BFF’ and enjoy the company of people at the table.’ ~ Heather Gross, partner support

3. Don’t Just Dig In

‘You may be famished, but remember to wait until everyone is served at the table before you dig into your own plate. Also, slow down and enjoy your food.’ ~ Sara Ginal, director of search marketing

4. Let Ladies Go First

‘I always remind my sons to open the door and pull out the chair for a woman and let them order first when dining out. I would appreciate that too. Remember that mom is a lady too, so you should treat her like one, especially on Mother’s Day!’ ~ Vanessa Schroeder, customer support

5. Keep the Language Clean

‘The only four letter word that should come up at Mother’s Day dinner is ‘LOVE’. Don’t use foul language at the dinner table—your mother didn’t raise you to swear.’ ~ Gulnaz Banu, quality assurance analyst

6. Use Your Napkin Properly

‘The food may be great, but don’t lick your fingers. Use your napkin to clean your hands. And remember that the napkin goes on your lap not around your neck!’ ~ Renee Lee, customer support

7. Deliver Flowers to the Restaurant

‘If dining out is part of the plan, I would love to receive flowers at the restaurant, or to bring them along!’ ~ Melissa Powell, meeting coordinator

8. Treat Your Servers Well

“Expect quality service, but respect your servers—they can make a Mother’s Day outing even more memorable. Reward stellar service with a generous tip on the total bill.’ ~ Linda O’Dekirk, VP of consumer marketing

9. Leave the Burps for the Bar

‘Belching at the dinner table is one definite way to ruin a Mother’s Day meal. Eat nicely and slowly, and resist the urge to burp.’ ~ Jeni Forster, meeting coordinator

10. Don’t be Cheap

‘Moms sacrifice a lot and if she wants steak and lobster, let her have it! Splurge for her and remember that you can be cheap for the other 364 days of the year.’ ~ Linda Welch, director of HR

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