Top Ten Trends: Where in the World . . .

Top Ten Trends: Where in the World . . .

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Top Ten Trends: Where in the World . . .


The Food Channel® presents its Top Ten Food Trends for 2009. The list is based on research conducted by The Food Channel in conjunction with the World Thought Bank found at, and the International Food Futurists™.


…is the next flavor trend coming from? It’s all about globalization and variety now. While we’ll be making fewer trips abroad this year, we’ll still want to taste what’s new and exotic.

Peruvian and Middle Eastern flavors are moving into the mainstream now, and other worldly flavors will continue to evolve and become a part of our palette. We’ll embrace more unusual spices in order to find new flavors.

Sample Evidence:

Garlic Chocolates Take Your Breath Away

Salt Gets a Shakeup

A Spicier 2009: Flavor Duos on the Menu

Miracle Fruit

For the additional trends, follow the links below:

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Foodie 2.0

Going, Going, Green

Living La Vida Locavore



Food Philanthropy

Food Insecurity

Brewing Business

Where in the World…

BONUS: Clandestine Cuisine


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