The Food Channel's Top Recipes of 2008

The Food Channel's Top Recipes of 2008

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The Food Channel's Top Recipes of 2008


All year The Food Channel has brought you great recipes from our Kitchens. You’ve lived with us through many major holidays, including Mardi Gras, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! We’ve had special food and stories for outdoor grilling and tailgating, taken you along on trips to the State Fair, and enjoyed a lot of ice cream together. We’ve done special features for the Super Bowl, the Oscars, Derby Day, and taken you out to the Ballgame.

Looking back, that’s a lot of original recipes that we’ve provided from the expertise of our chefs and culinary artists. We thought you might enjoy a quick review of the top ten favorites, tallied from usage numbers and a little unofficial polling. They run the gamut from breakfast to party dish to beverage to dessert. Without further ado, here are The Food Channel’s Top Ten Recipes from 2008, with links so you can try them out yourself:


Bob’s Blueberry Pancakes
This was our first recipe on the new site – how could we not feel partial to it? Seriously, it remains one of our favorite breakfasts, served with crispy bacon and Bob’s Blueberry Syrup.

!/files/0001/8952/SB_dip_medium_thumb.JPG!br> Blue Cheese & Bacon First Down Dip
One of our Super Bowl recipes – and we heard the cheers. We received comments and accolades for this unusual appetizer that will surprise and please guests at your next party, whether it’s Super Bowl game day or not.


Peach Petal Tart with Rum Infused Glaze
Doesn’t the very title sound delicious? It may be one of our most beautiful pictures in addition to being a fresh fruit delight.


Beverly Hills Grilled Beef Tenderloin
This is one of our “company’s coming” dishes, so we love it when company comes!


Lemon Chicken Scaloppini
Food bloggers loved this one, and it was picked up by others who made the recipe and agreed it was outstanding.


White Chocolate Martini
When it comes to a little decadence, this has to be on the list!


Southern-Style Shrimp and Crab Boil
More than a recipe, this is an event. Our chefs are pros at it, but the instructions make it easy enough to recreate in your own backyard.


Sea Salt & Lime Grilled Fish Taco
Don’t say no until you’ve tried it. Again, this recipe offers the unexpected and is well worth repeating.


Applewood Smokehouse Sandwiches with Cider BBQ Sauce
Doesn’t it just sound like fall? You’ll fall in love with this sandwich.


Dublin Mudslide Brownie Sundae
From our series on ice cream, this was one of our favorite treats.


Easy Shrimp Scampi & Spinach Fettucini
Healthy, fresh eating sure to impress your family or a crowd.


Black Forest Trifle
Moist, full of flavor, and a ‘Wow’ factor anytime you serve this great dish.



Viewers favorite – Bacon-Tomato Mini Sandwiches with Pesto Mayo
We had to include this since we loved it, and so many of our readers loved it. In fact, it sounds good right now . . .


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