Tutored in the Kitchen by a Video Chef

Tutored in the Kitchen by a Video Chef

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Tutored in the Kitchen by a Video Chef


By Cari Martens

Ever try to prepare a dish right along with the celebrity chef on TV? Not really doable, is it? Especially if your TV set is in the bedroom. And those chefs, with their behind-the-scenes accomplices, usually go way too fast to keep up with.

The MediaChef digital cookery book and guide offers an alternative option for home cooks who do their best learning with visual aids. This thin and handsomely designed digital kitchen accessory comes preloaded with 48 cook-along recipes you can prepare at your own pace.

Chef Brian Turner lets you watch him cook on an 8-inch digital screen you can set up on a kitchen counter. A remote control enables you to easily play, pause, and rewind with the touch of a finger—so he never works too fast for you.

When you’re not cooking with it, the versatile unit can be used as a calendar, mp3 music player or digital photo frame. Available from UK company Belling, the MediaChef system runs about $275 in USD.

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