VELVEETA Enlists Blogger Moms to Help with Weeknight Meal Issues

VELVEETA Enlists Blogger Moms to Help with Weeknight Meal Issues

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VELVEETA Enlists Blogger Moms to Help with Weeknight Meal Issues


By Cari Martens

Moms always like to hear from other moms…to compare notes, share the little triumphs, and commiserate over the inevitable problems that pop up from time to time—like what to have for dinner tonight!

Well, to help with that last item, VELVEETA has enlisted five popular Mom Bloggers to be known going forward as the ‘VELVEETA It! Kitchenistas.’ Over the next few weeks they will share daily weekday tips and advice on to help make dinnertime a success.

Each Blogger Mom is assigned a day of the week and weekday meal specialty.

The Kitchenistas are:
â‹… Meal Planner Monday: Tina Butler from Mommy’s Kitchen
â‹… Time Saver Tuesday: Rachel Matthews from A Southern Fairytale
â‹… Waste Not Want Not Wednesday: Lori Falcon from My Wooden Spoon
â‹… Tasty Traditions Thursday: Christy Jordan from A Southern Plate
â‹… Eat in Friday: Heather Batts from the Domestic Diva

In addition to the daily morsels of info, the Kitchenistas will hold ‘office hours’ one day a week on the VELVEETA Facebook page to answer questions and interact directly with fans. There are also original recipes from the Kitchenistas and a daily sweepstakes on for a $75 prize pack – 25 ways to VELVEETA it! 25 chances to win.

We can expect to see more food companies tapping into the expertise of food bloggers like these in the coming months and years ahead. Food bloggers and moms are a rich resource.

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