Wake Up and Smell the Pizza!

Wake Up and Smell the Pizza!

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Wake Up and Smell the Pizza!


When you hear the words, “Pizza for breakfast,” you’re probably thinking about leftover pizza from the night before…eaten cold right out of the fridge in all its congealed cheesey glory. In one recent survey, 39 percent of Americans admitted to enjoying cold, morning-after pizza for breakfast at least once. It’s a right of passage for college students, right?

The Breakfast Pizzas we’re talking about are miles ahead of that.

They’re served hot, for one thing, and contain classic morning ingredients such as eggs, bacon, sausage and hash browns. Perfect for a leisurely weekend breakfast.

So pour yourself a glass of orange juice and check out these new pizza creations direct from the Kitchens of The Food Channel.

Our “Everything Breakfast” Pizza has pretty much everything on it but the cup of coffee. It boasts hearty wake-up ingredients including sausage & gravy, hash browns, bacon, eggs and cheese—all piled on a crispy thin crust. Come to the breakfast table hungry for this baby. Everything Breakfast Pizza >>

How about a pizza sunny side up? You’ll be in on the hot new trend of cracking a farm-fresh egg on top of everything from burgers to salads with these delicious breakfast pizzas. It features a golden crust with fresh tomato sauce, baby spinach, crisp crumbled applewood-smoked bacon and melted cheese. Applewood Smoked Bacon & Egg Breakfast Pizza >>

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