We Love Pizza So Much...

We Love Pizza So Much...

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We Love Pizza So Much...


It’s astonishing how much Americans love the taste of pizza. Virtually every small town, village or burg has its favorite local pizzeria, and most have many. Not to mention the major chains: the Huts, the Inns, and our pizza daddies Papa John and Papa Murphy, plus Dominos, and several others.

What’s maybe even more amazing is how many other types of food products try to grab on to pizza’s coat tails by flavoring their products like pizza. Here’s a partial list, and I’ll bet you can come up with several more.

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish snack crackers have a flavor called Xplosive Pizza. It’s said to be ‘Flavor Blasted.’

Then there’s French’s Potato Sticks Pizza Party. Its claim: a pizza party in every bite!

A product called 360’s is a pretzel balls snack. They too have a pizza flavor. It’s described as round pizza balls covered in a savory blend of tomato and REAL cheddar cheese.

Chex Mix for Kids has a Castle Adventure Pizza Flavor. Taquitos.net says the pizza flavored snack mix smelled like a pizza parlor. Nothing wrong with that.

Ever heard of Jeckles? We hadn’t either. These are ‘tiny tortilla bites of crazy flavor that really pack a punch.’ Guess what one of the flavors is?

There’s even a pizza flavored beer. Mamma Mia Pizza Beer was created by Chicago home brewers Tom and Athena Seefurth. It’s now brewed and bottled by Sprecher Brewing Co. Pint bottles are available via mail order through Sam’s Wine and Spirits in Chicago.

There’s also—you can Google it—pizza-flavored lip gloss, dog treats, popcorn, toothpaste and on and on.

What does all this prove? Only that we, as a nation, are seriously in love with pizza, and if we can’t have real pizza, we’ll settle for things that taste like pizza.

Isn’t it weird to think that we could have a day when we would wake up, brush our teeth with pizza-flavored toothpaste, enjoy a breakfast pizza, have pizza-flavored pretzel balls for a mid-morning snack, have (snore) regular pizza for lunch and dinner, feed our dog some pizza-flavored treats and cap the day with an ice-cold bottle of pizza beer?

Sounds like America to me.


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