Welcome to the Pros!

Welcome to the Pros!

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Welcome to the Pros!


Welcome to our new “Pro” tab, where those who make their living from the food profession can find out news, trends, and enjoy commentary about the industry. This tab is designed to be both a place for the Pro to go, and a place for the interested consumer to “peek behind the curtain” and gain more food knowledge.

Think of it as a starting place for food service and industry news. From here, food bloggers may pick it up, other food media, and professionals will share it with their network of food enthusiasts.

It’s what The Food Channel does best – provide you a place where you can really delve into food with the same passion we have. We’re also working hard on a couple of things to watch for in this space. First, we’ll have our on-site coverage of the National Restaurant Association Show. Check back starting May 15 for stories about the exhibitions, the presentations, the special events and everything that’s happening during the four days of the Show. We’ll bring you video, photos, blogs and news so you can feel a part of it, even if you can’t join us in Chicago.

The other major initiative is our community pages. We’re working on greater interaction, chef-to-chef, peer-to-peer, and everything in between. More of our popular “Ask the Chef” series, and the chance for you to submit your own stories, recipes, photos and videos. It’s all coming!

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