What Will "Lunch Ladies" Dish Out This Year?

What Will "Lunch Ladies" Dish Out This Year?

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What Will "Lunch Ladies" Dish Out This Year?


As the lunch bell rings and kids file into the cafeteria this year, what will they choose to eat and how can parents be sure there are nutritious choices available? This school year, more ‘lunch ladies’ will be serving up parent-approved meal options that deliver the flavors kids demand. Bite-size sandwiches, handheld foods, and twists on the classic PB&J sandwich top the list of trendy foods that will be popular at the cafeteria this fall.

Mini is big

Mini sandwiches are popular with kids because they allow for flavor diversity and can be shared by friends. Pierre Minis from Pierre Foods are a good example of this pint-sized trend. Fully cooked and ready to heat and serve, these bite-size sandwiches are available in varieties like Cheeseburgers, Teriyaki Chicken, Boneless Beef BBQ, Breaded Chicken, and for breakfast, Sausage and Chicken Biscuits. ‘They have been thoroughly tested with kids to make sure we didn’t sacrifice taste when developing recipes that reduced sodium, fat and calories,’ said Karen Manning, Senior Vice President of Marketing and New Product Development for Pierre Foods. The Minis are sold to school foodservice for cafeteria feeding, but are also sold in supermarkets and convenience for home meals or snacks.

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Whether your kids like the crust cut off or cut into triangles, PB&J is a time-honored favorite among kids of all ages. Pierre has put a twist on this classic with new PBJamwiches and Grahamwiches which are likely to be popular items on school lunch trays. Both are made with fruit jellies and creamy peanut butter. PBJamwiches surround the PB and J with crustless bread and then seal the edges so there’s no waste and no mess. Grahamwiches are a totally unique sandwich eating experience because instead of bread, two wholesome, crispy Graham Crackers are used, with creamy peanut butter and grape jelly nestled between them.

We all know kids love to play with their food and with new Chicken Drummies and Beef Dippers they can do that without being sent to the Principal’s office. There’s no need for forks or spoons when it comes to these unique finger goods. Building on the growing trend of food customization through sauces and toppings, new Chicken Drummies and Beef Dippers are available to schools either pre-sauced — with flavors ranging from honey mustard to barbeque – or unsauced, so schools can tailor flavors and recipe applications to the preferences of their student population.

Kid-friendly recipes

Perre Foods has provided two kid-friendly dip recipes you can try with your youngsters at home. They were created by Certified Master Chef Jimmy Gherardi. Just click on the recipe titles below to check them out.

Creamy Balsamic Dipping Sauce

Mango Barbeque Dipping Sauce


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