What's the Big Idea in Wine? Little Bottles.

What's the Big Idea in Wine? Little Bottles.

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What's the Big Idea in Wine? Little Bottles.


By Cari Martens

In these trying times of tight credit and employment uncertainty, even the boldest among us have become a bit risk-averse. That applies even to the purchase of wine. Who’s ready to spend $30 or even $20 on an unfamiliar bottle of wine that might not turn out to be one’s ‘cup of tea’?

In response to this dilemma, custom winemaking facility Crushpad has come up with a new way to get customers to try their boutique wines: TinyBottles. The little 50-100ml bottles (about 1.7 to 3.5 ounces each) come in tasting sets of four, letting potential buyers try several wines at a lower overall investment.

These new tasting kits are available on the site BrixR.com, a beta website that also features videos and wine recommendations. The site sells also wines from a number of small vineyards.

When we visited BrixR.com, we found they were offering a tasting pack with four 50ml bottles for $25; included were two high-end Napa Cabernets and two Syrahs from the White Hawk Vineyard in California.

That may seem a bit steep for less than 8 total ounces of wine, but the kicker is this tasting kit arrives with a bounce-back coupon good for two free full-size bottles of the wine from BrixR.com.

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