40 Days Sans Meat: Seafood Heaven

40 Days Sans Meat: Seafood Heaven

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40 Days Sans Meat: Seafood Heaven


What are you giving up for Lent? Christen Nehmer, videographer for The Food Channel, is giving us her experience in going meatless. Follow along throughout the 40 days of Lent.

Day 10:

Today some co-workers and I got on a plane and headed south to Orlando for COEX (Chain Operators Exchange). My food intake was a little off schedule because of flying and what not.

Anyway, I started out the day with a delicious hazelnut latte from a local coffee house, Hebrews. Their lattes are phenomenal, plus they create artwork in the foam. And onto the plane.

Orlando is a little over 2 ½ hours from home. I thought I’d be OK until we got in. No. Who was I kidding? The snack cart came by and I purchased some pretzels.

We arrived at our hotel and by this point, I was pretty hungry. In the lobby of the hotel, they had pitchers with citrus-infused water. Yum, but not something to fill my stomach. We decided to grab some dinner at Quench, the poolside bar and grill. I looked over the menu and I was immediately drawn to the Blackened Grouper sandwich. And, we all felt like the fruit platter would be a good choice to start off the night.

The presentation of diced of fruit was beautiful. Make sure you check the picture. And then the grouper arrived. I think I saw my editor drool a little bit over MY sandwich, even though she ordered a bacon cheeseburger to spite me.

I took a huge bite out of my sandwich and holy cow, great fish! The manager came over to speak with us and told us that the grouper is caught fresh daily. Oh, to live in a world, a State, like that. Traveling can either be a great food experience or a not so great one. Fortunately, for the next week we are on a peninsula in the ocean, which means…fresh seafood.

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