40 Days Sans Meat: Veggie Pizza

40 Days Sans Meat: Veggie Pizza

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40 Days Sans Meat: Veggie Pizza


What are you giving up for Lent? Christen Nehmer, videographer for The Food Channel, is giving us her experience in going meatless. Follow along throughout the 40 days of Lent.

Day Seven:

Today a few of us from the office were meeting up at a local pizza place to see a friend that used to work with us. I love me some pizza. And luckily, I love veggie pizza.

Now, this place we went . . . not your normal veggie pizza. It had tomato slices, one on each piece, along with tasty banana peppers. When my pizza was delivered, everyone looked down at theirs and then at mine and said, ‘Wow, that looks good.’ Haha! Ok, maybe not everyone at the table, but you get the picture.

After the pizza, I felt pretty good, so I asked the person driving if we could stop at an ice cream place to get a little treat. We did. It was awesome. I was so proud of myself today.

Then I picked up my little brother from school and he begged for McDonald’s; another Southwest Salad for me. A least they are delicious.

Breakfast: Strawberry Yogurt
Snack: Honey Oat Granola Bar
Lunch: Veggie Pizza with Caesar salad
Snack: Andy’s Vanilla custard (kids cup)
Dinner: Southwest Salad, courtesy of McDonald’s

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