A New Twist on Espresso Making

A New Twist on Espresso Making

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A New Twist on Espresso Making


By Cari Martens

Is there such a thing as an ‘instant espresso’? Not something that’s prepackaged. A real, fresh shot of caffeine-rich espresso you can get at a moment’s notice without investing in an espresso machine costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars?

There is now, and it’s called the Twist.

The mypressi Twist is a truly portable espresso machine that is amazingly easy to use. It produces espresso rivaling traditional machines. Oliver Strand, curator of the New York Times ‘Times Topics’ coffee page put the Twist to the test and says it’s never been easier to get a perfect shot of espresso. While it doesn’t outperform traditional machines that cost $7,500 or more, Strand says, the Twist holds it own against them.

The Twist is a gadget you hold in one hand. There’s no cord, nothing to plug in, no batteries even. So how does it work? The Twist uses standard recyclable 8gm N2O cartridges, available online or at most quality kitchen goods retailers. You put coffee grounds into a filter basket and pour hot water into the small domed chamber on top. Then you pull the trigger, forcing hot water through the coffee at nine bars of pressure (135 psi). In about 30 seconds, voila! You have a fresh shot of espresso.

The Times’ Strand spoke with Abe Carmeli, a judge for the United States Barista Championship and a moderator for Home-Barista.com. Carmeli was enthused about the Twist. ‘What I love about this machine is that it takes the complexity and intimidation out of making real espresso,’ Carmeli says. ‘It does it in a fun way. You’re holding it in your hand and pull a trigger and coffee comes out the other side. It’s like a game.’

The Twist is priced at about $160, so it’s not quite like buying a $20 French press, but it’s certainly a less expensive option than the traditional machines.

So, if you often find yourself dying for an espresso shot, but don’t want to head out to Starbucks, and you can’t afford a full-blown machine, maybe you should do the Twist.

I wonder if Chubby Checker is available to act as spokesman…

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