Betty Crocker Gets a Vegan Makeover

Betty Crocker Gets a Vegan Makeover

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Betty Crocker Gets a Vegan Makeover


By Cari Martens

Chances are you saw the movie or read the book Julie & Julia, the story of Julie Powell’s attempt to cook all 500+ recipes in Julia Child’s classic cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

That undertaking was certainly a daunting one for Ms. Powell. But I’m thinking that challenge pales in comparison to what Annie and Dan Shannon are attempting to do with The Betty Crocker Project.

The Shannons have decided to recreate every recipe in the vintage (and meaty) Betty Crocker Cookbook—only in a vegan version.

Now that’s a challenge.

Cookbooks using the Betty Crocker brand were introduced in the 1930s to spotlight the latest convenience products such as Bisquick and Bac-Os, and are loaded with meat-and-dairy creations like Cheeseburger Pie. ‘One of our goals is to show you can make anything vegan,’ says Annie, who’s been a vegan for 22 of her 35 years. Husband Dan, 30, has been a vegan for 15 years.

The Shannons are using a fairly modern 2005 edition of ‘Betty.’

Major creative stretching has already been required. Popsicle sticks have stood in for bones in a sparerib dish. Egg with a runny yolk required tofu and a ‘flavor injector.’

Some of the dishes they’ve revamped from Ms. Crocker’s collection so far include vegan variations of Bacon Cheeseburger Hash, Beef with Bordelaise Sauce, Buffalo Chicken Wings and Kung Pao Pork.

The project is ongoing and you can follow their progress and check out some of
their imaginative meatless recipes at their blog,

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