Celebrate with Seafood on the First of December

Celebrate with Seafood on the First of December

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Celebrate with Seafood on the First of December


You’ve seen the signs in restaurants across America that say, “Proudly serving Gulf seafood.” Or, perhaps we should say, you USED to see those signs. Now, we’re hearing that some restaurants are at least tempted to tell their patrons, “We DON’T serve Gulf seafood.”

It’s all because of the oil spill in the Gulf, and people’s concerns that the seafood may be tainted in some way. And, yet, when you go to the source—the people in the Gulf who eat the seafood everyday—they speak with assurance that the problem is not oil. It’s perception.

One of the actions they are taking is coming up on December 1, 2010. America’s Night Out for Gulf Seafood, is designed to encourage restaurants across the nation to order and serve Gulf seafood as a show of support. The Food Channel was in New Orleans for the announcement, where we heard about the concerns, and about what some of the New Orleans’ chefs are cooking that night.

When it comes to seafood, the chefs and restaurateurs of New Orleans are united in spreading the word: eat Louisiana Gulf Coast Seafood. For more, check out our story or the dineamerica2010 website.

For those restaurants looking for ideas, see The Food Channel’s menu based around Gulf Coast seafood.


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