Egg-cellent Tips for Easter Egg Hunts

Egg-cellent Tips for Easter Egg Hunts

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Egg-cellent Tips for Easter Egg Hunts


Hoppin’ down the old bunny trail, here comes Easter. An essential part of the holiday tradition, at least if there are small children in the household, is the family Easter Egg Hunt.

It’s typically a morning event, as little sleepyheads awaken to see what goodies the wily old rabbit left out in the backyard, or around the house, as the case may be.

After a consultation with a few Easter eggsperts, as well as one ‘Mr. E. Bunny,’ we have drawn up a list of do’s and don’ts for planners of this Sunday’s hunt. We’ve even included recipes for some light refreshments which could be served following the egg expedition.

Egg-cellent Tips for the Big Hunt

Fairness plays an important role in the planning if there are different aged children that will be hunting. This is one time when you DON’T necessarily want a level playing field.

  • One way to ensure fairness is simply to give the youngest a head start
  • Instruct the older kids to look out for the little ones and help them, to make sure they’re getting their fair share
  • Assign a certain color egg for each child to hunt for and make the level of difficulty age-appropriate
  • Set the boundaries, so no one goes off on a fruitless wild goose chase

Add extra fun and excitement

  • Decorate with pastel-colored helium balloons, streamers, cutouts of bunnies, eggs and carrots
  • Draw up a ‘treasure map’ with clues and directions, signed by the Easter Bunny
  • Put the child’s name on one special hidden egg that earns a special prize
  • Use plastic eggs and put jelly beans and other candy treats or money inside

Hiding places: Do’s and Don’ts

  • DO: Hide them inside flower pots and flower arrangements for an extra challenge
  • DO: Keep track of how many eggs are hidden, so you’ll know if any are still at large after the hunt and can arrange for a search party
  • DO: Hide some under conspicuous little piles of leaves
  • DO: Hide in branches of small trees or bushes
  • DO: Try tying a long piece of string to an egg and then surreptitiously giving a little yank on the string when a child is about to pick up the egg
  • DON’T: Hide them under sofa cushions
  • DON’T: Hide eggs or candy in the oven—or you may forget about them when you preheat the oven for your Easter ham
  • DON’T: Hide them in little-used dresser drawers or cabinets as these can often be forgotten
  • DON’T: The washer and dryer are fun hiding spots, just be sure you remember that you’ve hidden some there

“After the Hunt” Recipe Ideas

Spring Fever Sherbet Float
Super Snack Mix
Easter Puff Bunnies
Easter Egg Nest Cupcakes
Chicken Little Stuffed Eggs

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