Five Ways to Turn Healthy Trends To Healthy Profits

Five Ways to Turn Healthy Trends To Healthy Profits

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Five Ways to Turn Healthy Trends To Healthy Profits


Healthy dining logoThese nutrition focused times provide unique opportunities for restaurants to capitalize on the growing health and wellness trends. Below are five strategies for moving forward to position your restaurant as one that meets the nutrition-related needs of its guests and communities.

#1: Join the Healthy Dining Program:  Healthy Dining helps you attract new and loyal customers while strengthening your competitive edge. As a participating restaurant, your Healthy Dining approved menu items are featured on The site and participating restaurants are promoted to the public through an ever-evolving network of partnerships with employers, health organizations, health insurance companies, weight control programs, fitness centers, other stakeholders, and through the media. It’s easy to participate, a win-win for your business and guests, and contributes to a healthier America. For more information, contact

#2: Get Ready for Menu Labeling:  Soon calories on the menu will be as familiar to restaurant diners as the price. Offering a selection of lower calorie options, emphasizing lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and unsaturated fats, will please your calorie counting and fitness-conscious guests.  For more information on the upcoming nationwide menu labeling legislation, visit and Healthy Dining’s Nutrition News & Insights.

#3: Offer Gluten-Free Options:  Approximately three million people in the United States are affected by celiac disease and require a gluten-free diet. “That is three million people that veto dining out at restaurants that don’t offer gluten-free options. Or, three million loyal people that will bring their family, friends and others into restaurants that offer a gluten-free menu,” emphasizes Nancy Baker, Director of Education with the National Foundation of Celiac Awareness. With proper education and gluten-free preparation procedures, any restaurant can tap into this growing market and gain the business of loyal gluten-free diners. For more information, visit and Healthy Dining’s Nutrition News & Insights.

#4: Make a Difference in Your Communities by Offering Healthier Kids’ Meals:

The First Lady’s Lets Move! Initiative is bringing the health of our nation’s children to the forefront. Your restaurant can show strong leadership in your communities by developing and promoting healthier kids’ menu selections. By incorporating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins, you will enhance the healthfulness of the options you provide to children and gain the loyalty of nutrition-savvy parents. Make sure to serve 100% juice, low-fat milk and water to your thirsty young guests. For more information, visit Let’s and Healthy Dining’s Nutrition News & Insights.

#5: Create a Selection of Lower Sodium Choices:

Many people with high blood pressure give up dining out because they need to keep their sodium intake low and it is almost impossible to find lower sodium options. By offering these guests a selection of ‘Sodium Savvy’ choices, you can gain a loyalty that your competitors’ miss out on. For more information on sodium, visit and for information on offering lower sodium menu selections, visit Healthy Dining’s Nutrition News & Insights


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