Food As Fashion and Vice Versa

Food As Fashion and Vice Versa

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Food As Fashion and Vice Versa


It seems the distinctions between fashion and food are becoming quite blurred lately. We’ve got actress Gwyneth Paltrow, a frequent attendee on the runway circuit teaming up with Chef Mario Batali on an eating tour of Spain for a PBS series called “On the Road Again.” She also devotes much of her Goop website to cooking.

More or less simultaneously, we have the Council of Fashion Designers of America releasing the first-ever American Fashion Cookbook, with a foreword by Martha Stewart.

As noted by Katherine Wheelock, writing for the Wall Street Journal online edition, there are also a bunch of new blogs chronicling the world of fashion and food, without irony or pretension. She cites examples Luxirare, “a cult site known for clever posts about avant-garde fashion and culinary experimentation,” and photographer Phil Oh’s Snappetite, which focuses on fashion-style photos of food.

The September issue of iconic fashion mag Vogue featured acclaimed chef David Chang of New York’s Momofuku in a story called Fashion’s Night Out.

Also in fashion-conscious New York City, none other than Anthony Bourdain and Paula Dean are the co-stars of this season’s holiday windows at Barney’s.

Quoted in the WSJ story, Barney’s New York creative director Simon Doonan said, “I’m not a foodie, but we looked around for what’s bubbling up in the culture this year and we realized that everyone’s obsessed with these icons of food culture.”

Then there was Ralph Lauren opening an American restaurant this spring called Ralph’s located on Paris’s Left Bank.

Has food ever been so fashionable, culinary so couture? Read more.

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