Hands-On Holiday Fun for Little Ones

Hands-On Holiday Fun for Little Ones

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Hands-On Holiday Fun for Little Ones


These cookies are so simple to make! You can use all store-bought, ready to use ingredients. Prepared cookie dough sheets, prepared frostings and sprinkles are about all you’ll need to have fun creating these charming cookies with your kids. You can even turn them into Christmas ornaments to hang on the tree.

It can be a great hands-on educational experience for the kids, too…teaching the value of gifts made at home vs. gifts bought in stores.

What proud grandparent, aunt or uncle wouldn’t love to receive a gift of Christmas cookies shaped like the hands of their grandchild, niece or nephew—made by the child’s own little hands?

Use your holiday cookie cutters to create a variety of Christmas cookie shapes. Kids love icing and decorating cookies shaped like candy canes, Christmas trees and stars. And of course they like eating them!

Invite their friends over for a cookie party play-date!

For cookie party recipe, go here >>


Check out our Cookie Party Music Video below, starring Margo and Jackson!


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