FoodChannelPRO Doing Some Remodeling

FoodChannelPRO Doing Some Remodeling

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FoodChannelPRO Doing Some Remodeling



In order to bring you a more exciting menu of content options FoodChannelPRO is making some back of the house improvements. We are adding a few new features, improving our search capabilities on the site, and bringing you a new video player. Over the next few days you won’t see a change in content, while we ‘flip the switch’ and do some testing.

For a few days the site will be frozen and then you will begin to notice the changes. Just as innovation has been sweeping the foodservice industry during this economic downturn it has likewise found a home on Food Channel PRO.

In the meantime, we still are developing our site that is designed around the notion of inspiring, educating and entertaining the $580 billion foodservice industry, one story at a time.

So take the ride with us as we grow and develop the next chapter in our mission to bring you the ever-fascinating professional side of the restaurant industry.


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