From Beer to Bubbly: A New Year's Eve Beverage Plan

From Beer to Bubbly: A New Year's Eve Beverage Plan

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From Beer to Bubbly: A New Year's Eve Beverage Plan


A great bottle of wine or memorable beer doesn’t have to break the bank. Following are a number of recommendations that will make a great addition to your party, most of which cost under $10 a bottle.

For a menu this eclectic, you won’t be able to find one wine that pairs perfectly with all 11 of our recommended dishes. We’ve chosen two ‘crossover’ varietals – one red and one white – to maximize ease of pairing. We have also selected a pair of sparkling wines – in this case two Spanish cavas. Of course, you want to have some bubbly on hand when the clock strikes midnight, but by no means feel obligated to keep these cavas corked until then. Either sparkler will make a delicious accompaniment for the hors d’ouevres and could be served throughout the evening.


For certain foods, beer is the beverage of choice over wine, and there is certainly a place for beer in this menu. Just as there are two primary types of wine – red and white – so too are there are two main types of beer: lager and ale. Our lager selection is Anchor Steam Beer from San Francisco. Anchor Steam has rich flavors, a creamy head and beautiful amber color that will bring an extra touch of elegance and indulgence to your party. Our ale selection is Samuel Adams Cranberry Lambic, available only during the winter months. This Boston brew offers crispness and a touch of cranberry to cleanse the palette and whet the appetite.

Create a Signature Cocktail

Ginger Cosmopolitan >>

New Year’s should be one of your biggest celebrations of the year, but given the current economic climate, it can be a challenge to present a fully-stocked bar to your guests. Our solution: create a signature cocktail that all can enjoy. This not only cuts down on liquor costs, it also means someone won’t have to tend the bar all night long. Our signature cocktail of choice is a Ginger Cosmopolitan, a delicious mix of Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur, vodka, triple sec and cranberry juice.

Don’t Leave Out the Teetotaler

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, are your non-alcoholic beverages. It is imperative to have a number of interesting alcohol-free options available for non-drinkers, designated drivers and to simply encourage your guests not to over-indulge. In addition to a variety of waters, we have created a signature ‘mocktail’ from lemon-lime soda and dried cranberries.

Sparkling Wine

⋅ White: Freixenet, Cordon Negro Brut (nv), Spain

⋅ Red: Cordoniu Pinot Noir (nv), Spain

Still Wine

⋅ White: Columbia Crest, Grand Estates Chardonnay (2007), Washington, USA

⋅ Red: Cycles Gladiator, Pinot Noir (2006), Central Coast, California, USA


⋅ Lager: Anchor Steam Beer, San Francisco, USA

⋅ Ale: Samuel Adams, Cranberry Lambic, Boston, USA

Signature Cocktail

Ginger Cosmopolitan


⋅ Assorted waters

⋅ Lemon-lime soda with dried cranberries – Place 5 or 6 dried cranberries in the bottom of a champagne flute and fill with lemon-lime soda.


New Year’s Eve Menu

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