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Gifts of Honor


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hon·or·ing  ˈä-nə-riŋ, ˈän-riŋ

a : to regard or treat (someone) with admiration and respect


“The most honoring thing you can do is make something for someone.” Those words from our Culinary Director, Judy Sipe, are resonating with me this holiday season.

It’s not about the economy, although you can definitely save money by making your own gifts. Judy’s follow up comment was, “The richer you are, the more it means to give of yourself. I like gifts to be something from me that people will really cherish.”

So, rich or poor or, like most of us, somewhere in between, there is something special about giving a homemade gift for the holidays. And, for me, it’s usually food.

While I’m a big fan of some of the online food sites (see our Top Ten Online Food Gifts for 2010), I’m also a fan of the personal gesture. After all, I’m the one who purchased cookie jars at the end of the season, stored them all year, then filled them with fresh baked cookies and delivered them to friends at Christmas. I’m the one who bakes sourdough bread filled with cinnamon and nuts and hands it out at the holidays. I’m the one who figures if you can’t make time to bake, then you really are too busy.

We have some great homemade gift ideas in the pages of The Food Channel, which you can find in “related links,” below. You may find yourself inspired to new heights!

There are a number of retailers who are making it easier than ever to give homemade gifts—thus getting their share of the dollars, while still allowing you to give of yourself. And, why not. The economy needs a boost. So check out what Hallmark, Martha Stewart, and others are offering with boxes, bags and containers designed specifically for your homemade breads, cookies and other goodies.

However you wrap them, a homemade gift of food is definitely, to use Judy’s word, honoring to the recipient.

May this be a holiday season of honor.


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