Healthy Dining Offers New ‘Sodium Savvy’ Resource

Healthy Dining Offers New ‘Sodium Savvy’ Resource

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Healthy Dining Offers New ‘Sodium Savvy’ Resource


Healthy Dining logoHealthy Dining is adding a new ‘Sodium Savvy’ feature on Today, restaurant diners looking for healthful options that are lower in sodium will find a list of sixty restaurants, representing close to 10,000 locations coast to coast, each offering a selection of ‘Sodium Savvy’ choices that contain 750 mg. of sodium or less. Additionally, these ‘Sodium Savvy’ menu options also meet Healthy Dining’s criteria for calories, fat, saturated fat and include a lean protein and a fruit, vegetable and/or whole grain component. The new ‘Sodium Savvy’ resource is located at

“This is an important turning point for restaurants and their guests,” says Anita Jones-Mueller, MPH, president and founder of Healthy Dining. “It’s exciting to see so many restaurants rising to this challenge and featured on the ‘Sodium Savvy’ resource. We anticipate that many more restaurants will be jumping on board to offer the Healthy Dining-approved ‘Sodium Savvy’ selections in 2011. It is our passion to make it easy to enjoy dining out as part of a healthy lifestyle, wherever you are.”

Scientific research shows that sodium consumption is directly related to high blood pressure, which in turn, is related to heart disease, stroke, congestive heart failure and renal disease. The American Heart Association provides the following statistics:

  • One out of three adults has high blood pressure (more than 74 million Americans).
  • 77% of those with high blood pressure are aware of their condition, but only about 45% control the condition with medication, nutrition and/or stress reduction.
  • In the last 10 years, deaths from high blood pressure have increased nearly 20%.
  • Direct and indirect costs related to high blood pressure for 2010 are projected at $76.6 billion.

The American Heart Association has added information about Healthy Dining and its ‘Sodium Savvy’ initiative on “ helps diners identify restaurants that offer menu options that support the American Heart Association’s nutrition recommendations for cardiovascular health. We applaud Healthy Dining and the participating restaurants for contributing to improved public health,” says Linda Van Horn, PhD, RD, chair of the American Heart Association Nutrition Committee.

Since 1990, Healthy Dining’s culinary nutrition experts have been guiding and inspiring chefs and restaurateurs to create and serve a selection of healthier menu options. A leader in restaurant nutrition, Healthy Dining’s team of master’s level registered dietitians and nutrition professionals works with hundreds of restaurants and has analyzed thousands of menu items for nutrient content. In collaboration with the National Restaurant Association, Healthy Dining leads the largest-ever restaurant industry nutrition initiative.


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